Kozeny Wagner

It is with pleasure to note our level of satisfaction in regards to all services supplied to our firm over the past few decades. I have personally worked with this team through 37 years of service on a multitude of projects. The level of support, service, and professionalism delivered to each of our projects has been nothing less than superior.

The field representatives provide more than just the rental of cranes required for each job specific task. They will always back up the service with a pick plan and a thorough scope of how and when the work can be completed to meet the customer’s needs. These are just a few of the reasons we are repeat customers with your firm. Furthermore the size of the project does not impact the service received, and it is with this level of integrity and dedication to the process that has allowed successful lifts time and time again even in extreme situations.

I would also like to commend your firm for establishing long term client focused relationships where your enthusiasm for customer satisfaction and vast knowledge of the construction industry are paramount. Due to these factors you have been able to maintain a lasting service and a strong foothold in the construction industry. Your experience and understanding of the process creates customers satisfaction that exceeds expectations I look forward to the many years of continued support supplied by your firm.

Mike Timpe
General Superintendent
Kozeny Wagner

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